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Favorite ThisJack Beats: Careless EP Review

Published: August 20, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

As trends continually change in the world of dance music, it seems too many artists are producing tracks based on what genre is popping off, as oppose to creating art that appeals to them. While it’s important to release music that is relevant, it can quickly become paradoxical if you’re simply following suit instead of pursuing originality.
For this reason, we have the utmost respect for Jack Beats, who continually push the boundaries of bass culture, while producing exuberant tunes that fit into a league of their own. Their ambitious style of electronic entrepreneurship has helped them establish a cult following of die-hard fans as they continue to evolve and hone their razor sharp sound.
On the London based duo’s OWSLA debut, Careless, we bear witness to remarkable, jack-in-the-box beats that pop up unexpectedly and are undeniably catchy.
First up is the title track, which flawlessly infuses ecstatic drum work with emotive vocals from Takura; a piercing combo that allows gripping lyrics and clock stopping instrumentations to tell their own story of a broken romance. Haunting build-ups, edgy break sections, and an outro that begs its listeners to close their eyes, take a deep breath, and relinquish all stresses.
Jack Beats has worked on exquisite remixes in the past involving both Diplo and Example, so it was only natural they combine their respective talents. “War” describes the musical rebellion in place throughout the EP, with lines like “No matter what they say, will do it anyway, and you can shoot us down, but we were born this way.” Charismatic snare rolls are prevalent throughout, while trenchant drop sections give the track that extra kick.
While the previous song on the EP is titled “War,’ it seems this bad boy could have possessed the same name, as two opposing style of sounds go at it throughout. Dillon Francis provides the “Feel Good” synths, while the boys of Jack Beats counter with an endless supply of rebellious wobbles.
On “End of Love,” the duo gracefully utilizes a somber 80’s vocal sample, and in turn creates what might be their most impressive song to date. The track strikes up a perfect balance between dubby and dance worthy, while unveiling a new side to Jack Beats.
Careless is an astounding EP from two producers who know no limits, and continue to achieve greatness with each individual track they unload. They have an abundance of new tunes coming your way soon, so keep an ear out for Jack Beats. 

Tags: DubstepElectroHouse