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Favorite ThisIntroducing the Grain Audio PWS

Published: November 30, -0001
The story is as old as time. You and your friends grab your underwear, your socks, and your toothbrush, and you hit the open road for festival season. The tunes are blazing in the car, but once you hit the hotel or the tent, it's lights out. You can either sit in silence and stare at your buddies, or turn on the Weather Channel for background noise.

The portable speaker has never been more necessary. Nobody wants to crane to hear the tinny built-in audio on your iPhone. They want the freedom only wires-free music can provide. The Grain Audio PWS is second-to-none. The walnut housing provides that warmth plastic iPod docks can't bring. And the crappy plastic jack or attachment won't break, because you want need it. Flawless Bluetooth audio is at your fingertips.

At only $249, the sound can't be beat. Grammy-winning digital signal processing technology, apt-X and AAC support, and an 8-hour battery life make this the only portable speaker you'll need. Whether you're in the hotel, or in the middle of nowhere, the powerful Grain Audio is going to keep you locked in.

Grain Audio PWS