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Favorite This[INTERVIEW] Stylust Beats rips the sleeves off RYFSO remix album

Published: July 22, 2014

Interview & story by: Huff

When you think of a DJ who makes the party "Go Dummy," ensuring job security for plastic surgeons in every city because of the jaws stretched to the floor from the explosive bass and turnt-up turntablism, you think of none other than Stylust Beats.

Dude has been mastering the party craft boogie shaking, and instant classic mash-ups for years. His production, like his fan base, continues to grow exponentially and if you didn't download his last album R.Y.F.S.O (Rip Yer Fuckin’ Sleeves Off), you are truly in for some bases loaded, grand slam, stereo smacking, ear-creaming journeys.

And now you’ve got something new to add to your playlist.

"The R.Y.F.S.O remix album is next level and my fans are going to really enjoy it!" exclaimed Geoff Reich, on his way back from shipping off some merch to fans, en route to dig deep into the lab and start another heater.

Stylust Beats follows the "no sleep rule" well when it comes to perfecting the craft of electronic party anthems. 

"It's been a great year and now this is coming out. I can't tell you how blessed I am and how wonderful to stay this busy has been.  I am gearing up for this Canadian run, including Shambhala Music Festival, which I will be doing The Village [8-9pm] set again, which is such a blessing because I get to start the party right with some hip-hop showmanship as the sun winds down, throwing a gang of funky cuts to get everyone amped for the heavier stuff!"

He will also be able to see his homies Truth's set that weekend at Shambhala, who recently just came out with a vinyl (Truth vs. Stylust Beats : Chicks and Drugs) which was released not too long ago in the UK and is in record stores everywhere in the states now!

"I also have a mixtape called pocket tape coming out with The Grassroots homies, along with signature cap from them and about a 1000 hard disks that I'm super stoked about, eh!” – in his genial Canadian tone.

“It'll be some fast moving, sample blended, mash-ups with over 40 songs cut up in less than 50 minutes!"

Busy doesn't even begin to describe a day and night in the life of Stylust who told me he has some more insane sets coming up this summer. 

"I have a few secrets I am keeping closed for Burning Man, but please believe I will be rocking some parties hard out there, a few after parties, and who knows, before I get back to work on my next album."

Stylust Beats is sure to close out the summer with a bang and the rest of 2014 with more speaker-blowing anthems—and of course, more sleeve rippin’. You’ve been warned.

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