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Favorite This[INTERVIEW] Eskmo discusses new music, headlines V Elements September 27 in San Diego, CA

Published: September 2, 2014
By: Anand Harsh
For years, Brendan Angelides has found himself at the very bleeding edge of the intelligent dance music movement. Refusing to be marginalized by the growing mainstream market for pop tunes, Angelides' progressive production techniques as both ESKMO and the ever elusive Welder continue to set the bar high for inventive soundscape construction wrought with emotion. As Angelides tells The Untz, in essence, it's the soundtrack to the human experience.
Eskmo headlines V Elements Festival at Broadway Pier in San Diego, CA on September 27 alongside El Ten Eleven, Dantiez Saunderson, Pat Mahoney (LCD Soundsystem), and many more. The music, yoga, and culture festival focuses on sustainability, has a wealth of fascinating workshops, and brings in some of the most influential yogis from around the world. Tickets are available at a number of different levels here.
Brendan Angelides took the time to chat with us about yoga, inspiration, and new music.
What an honor to be headlining V Elements alongside some really fascinating artists. Are you a yoga enthusiast? Can you do the Crow?
I sail in and out of my relationship with traditional yoga. As long as I'm engaged in some type of beneficial body oriented meditation, then my gears work well. It's all about keeping up that practice.
Have you heard from fans that ESKMO tunes have become integral to their yoga routine?
I have heard that from some people. If anyone can bring my music into any part of any routine they have, that's cool with me.

Much of your singular style I find to be a direct result of your constant search for new sounds. Have you always been a field recording enthusiast? Big Alan Lomax fan?
I've always been interested in hearing field recordings in music ever since I can remember, way before I even understood the concept. I learned about Alan Lomax four or five years ago. He collected such an amazing wealth of content. For me, I love the idea of recordings creating a historical narrative, evoking certain emotions and at the end of the day, just really having fun with sound, ultimately.
I finally got to see you live at Infrasound NYE in 2012 as Welder. Will the mysterious metalworker make his way out more this fall?
It's hard to say. He has his own schedule. But he's always around.
What's turning you on, really giving you that extra boost of inspiration in the studio? Could be other artists, new technology, or something a bit less tangible.
Feelings of self governance, expressions of loss, expressions of gain, simple human stuff really. That's what inspires me the most right now. 

What's the timeline looking like for your next full length release? Will that be Ninja Tune? Your own imprint?
It won't be Ninja Tune. Hard to say at the moment. But I will definitely be announcing my first full-length in four years very soon.
What should fans at V Elements come to expect from you set at the end of the month in San Diego?
Enjoyable times.

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