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Favorite This[INTERVIEW] CloZee tours North American with flair, supports Tipper in Chicago

Published: September 17, 2014

By: Jacki Moon Horne

Every now and again the North American bass community is graced with the presence of something new and exotic. Hailing from Toulouse, France and at the bright age of 21, CloZee checks both boxes with her innovative take on electronic music. CloZee’s cutting-edge sound cannot be reduced to any one particular genre; the young producer crafts a unique blend of adrenaline pumping basslines and funk-laced glitch elements with an emotively cinematic flair.

CloZee’s North American tour debut kicked off in Dallas, Texas and will continue by way of the northeast, as well as through the west coast. Although she is relatively new to the scene, CloZee has already garnered herself an opening spot for the legendary Tipper mid-tour at the Portage Theatre in Chicago, IL on September 27th. 

We had the chance to catch up with CloZee during the beginning of fall tour in Austin at the popular Barcelona club. The blossoming producer discussed the differences between the French and North American electronic scenes, her excitement about opening for Tipper this tour, and her background as an acoustic guitar player. 

This tour is your first time in North America. What do you think about the bass community here so far?

I think it's awesome! [North Americans] are so excited and you spread so much love! I love the mood in your parties; everyone is dancing and everyone is happy and nice.

How does it compare to the electronic scene in France?

If think [the North American scene is] different, because Glitch-Hop is not as popular in France as it is here. In France, it’s still unknown so it's difficult to be the “headliner” of a show when we produce this kind of sound. There are just a few Glitch-Hop parties per year in the country and most of the time it's not really crowded. It's very interesting to play my music here and see how the crowd is responding to it.

What are you looking forward to most about this current tour?

To meet all the people who are part of this tour (promoters, agents, followers, friends…) and party with them in each city!

You’re opening for the legendary Tipper in Chicago, IL at the Portage Theater….what are your thoughts about that upcoming show?

It’s just unbelievable…. unexpected. It’s another dream come true. Tipper is a legend and I feel so honored [to open for him]. His music has influenced me so much in the last four years. It will also be the first time I will see him live; I’ve never had the chance to go to one of his European shows. I think this show is going to be soooo trippy! I love every artists of the night’s lineup (Mumukshu, Psydelland Johnathan Singer on the visuals).

How do you manage to keep your sound unique in an over saturated electronic market?

Thanks for the compliment! I love to produce all kind of sounds from Trip-Hop to Glitch-Hop to Chillstep, according to my mood. I just compose what I feel at the moment and it can go everywhere. I love and feel inspired by every genre of music and all kinds of artists, so I like to put influences and “homages” in my tracks.

In addition to being a producer/DJ, you are also a guitar player. You have an entire album dedicated to your acoustic guitar covers of a variety of songs, from Calvin Harris to Drake to Gotye. How would you say your guitar background influences your sound as an electronic music producer?

The guitar brought me to produce electronic music. A few years ago I wanted to record some melodies on my computer; I bought all the gear I'd need (computer, sound card, microphone etc...). After some months, I quickly wanted to add some electronic elements to my guitar melodies, because I am a big fan of electronic music.

What inspired you to get into electronic music production?

Listening to artists like edIT, Bonobo, The Widdler, Amon Tobin...

Is there anything else you would like to include about yourself, your music or other upcoming projects?

I'm working on some new ideas for several new EPs, but nothing is really decided at the moment; I'm just trying to experiment with new things.

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