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Favorite ThisInspect3r brings his 'Blastin' sound to A 40oz Collective

Published: January 15, 2020

By: Anand Harsh

Inspect3r - Blastin'We don't have a ton of friends in the media in our industry, mostly because a) we're annoying, and b) they're jealous of our festival. But we have forged a bond with (what I like to call) a sister organization in A 40oz Collective. They also have their own festival, Wonderland, a charity event which takes place in Florida each winter, and just wrapped up with a helluva bang last month.

Focusing much more on merch and label activities, A 40oz Collective has brought a number of artists onto our radar, and we've enjoyed collaborating on getting these artists out in the spotlight a little bit more. Plus, the crew knows our music taste inside and out.

Enter Inspect3r, a bass producer out of Chicago who has caught the collective's ear. We're proud to premiere the title track from his forthcoming EP, Blastin', which is out February 3. It's cold as a witch's toilet seat in the midwest right now, so these fire neuro blasts will keep you bobbing and weaving on a frigid L platform. Fellow Illinoisian Sean McCarthy steps on in the design front to provide his deft ESEMDE touch on the video. See this is why we love learning from our friends, because we find so many gems we otherwise wouldn't have.

And they don't find us annoying. Or like... annoying enough not to kick it.

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