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Favorite ThisInfrasound Music Festival recap video teaser

Published: June 14, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

All weekend long at Infrasound Music Festival, the videography crew, led by Max Heiligman of MaxMotion, got shots of the incredible music, art, and performance that rocked Black River Falls, WI at the begining of the month. While the full recap video is yet to come out, this teaser will give you an idea of the unique experience The Untz and all the fans enjoyed between headlining sets from Emancipator and Gramatik to mind-blowing sets from Phaedroid and Tipper--including an unparalleled downtempo set featuring piles of unreleased material. This will hold you over until the full project is released.

Tags: BreaksDowntempoElectronicaHip HopLivetronicaDrum and BassElectroDubstepGlitch