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Favorite Thisinflect - DTLA

Published: October 22, 2012
By: Anand Harsh

Producer Brett Smith is moving on to greener pastures. Wait a minute... that sounds like he's dead. Quite the opposite! He's very much alive, living it up in Los Angeles following a move from his home base in Lincoln, Nebraska (smart move, avoiding another winter on the Plains). Now, inflect can soak up the warm California sun and dive right into the thriving scene of his new home. "DTLA" is a tribute to his new surroundings, full of urban grit and slick Hollywood charm. Undeniably trap, this brand new banger playfully grinds pitch-shifted vocals down to a smooth pâté, and layers them over ratchety hi-hats and snare claps. This tune respects all the hallmarks of the new genre, without falling into its--pardon the pun--traps. Nothing cheesy about this one, just straight up goodness.