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Favorite ThisINDIGENOUS brings his culture to the fore with 'Sun Dance'

Published: November 2, 2020

By: Anand Harsh

IndigenousIn an exciting turn for the bass music world, there has been a great movement of producers beginning to share the sounds of their cultures. One such artist is William Leclair out of Atlanta. Performing and producing as INDIGENOUS, the hybrid dubstep and trap artist is utilizing the percussion, chanting, and dance of his people in his music.

Leclair notes, “Sharing Native American sounds from my culture is important to me, because we have lost some of our identity and it's paramount that we don't forget ourselves or our ancestors [who came] before us.”

The result is INDIGENOUS' Vision Quest EP, which is out today on Headbang Society. Today's premiere, “Sun Dance,” features soaring melodies and voices raised in song that climaxes in an all out heavy bass explosion. It's a powerful song and part of a powerful collection of four compositions that bring the sounds of the past roaring into the future. This is a movement I'm excited to see spread as Leclair's fellow indigenous peoples hold onto their roots.

Download “Sun Dance” for free from Headbang Society

Tags: Dubstep