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Favorite ThisIndidginus - Sofa Surfer Review

Published: June 7, 2011

By: William Soto

Indidginus’s influences are as varied as his styles are dynamic. His latest album, Sofa Surfer—slated for release July 23rd—reflects his ability to blend a slew of disparate genres into one seamless collection. Drawing from sources that include dubstep, dancehall, and world fusion, producer Michael Martin constructs a solid album that blends these forces into a truly cohesive work.

Surfer’s opening cut, “Mercy Me,” can only be vaguely categorized as tribal-dubstep. It’s the start of a journey that can only be illustrated using hyphenated words and hand motions, along with a demonstrative head bobble. As the album progresses, the intensity of basslines and imposing vocals rises. By the third track, the instrumentation shifts with the introduction of guitars and the subtle, but distinct, sound of brass. Midway through the album, the appropriately named track “Lost Coast,” indeed evokes a sense of wandering and estrangement. Hymn-like vocals accompany the disjointed background of drums and guitars, seguing into the second half of the album.

“Algoriddim” draws upon Indidginus’s dubstep influences as a more imposing bassline begins to shoulder its way into the foreground. Most notably, the track is devoid of any vocals – which is a significant change of pace from the very vocal first half of the album. As the title suggests, “Sunrise over Sapporo” sets the tone for the rest of the album by introducing the dubstep that forms the basis of the remaining tracks. The very heavy tribal and world fusion influence again becomes apparent in “Out of the Dark,” which includes both vocals and instruments that border on the otherworldly. For “Wobble and Buzz,” Indidginus utilizes the talents of certain locals – Raggasouljah, 7Ft Soundsystem and Tully McCullagh – in order to invoke a solid reggae approach. OOOD helps to end the album on a psychedelic note, bringing a fitting end to a distinct and unique album that gives credence to the varied and ingenious production abilities of Indidginus.

Sofa Surfer Album Mashup Mix

Sunrise over Sapporo (with Tripswitch)