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Favorite ThisIn Case You Missed It: D.V.S* - Coming Up For Air

Published: June 4, 2011

D.V.S*Sometimes The Untz staff, in all its infinite wisdom, misses something altogether important and awesome. When that happens, we're going to do our utmost to rectify the mistake. It's funny that this segment is called "In Case You Missed It," because we definitely did.

Back in April, Derek VanScoten, better known as D.V.S* released the second part of his new four-part album, Coming Up for Air. This Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist has been prolific, of late, pumping out tons of his so-called "lo-fi soulgaze," a luxurious blend of bit-crushed beats and soaring guitar melodies. The first half of this album now complete, each song twists and turns with meticulous intricacies. At times groovy and introspective, the attention to detail VanScoten possesses is unparalleled. A crate-digger at heart, this latest effort from D.V.S* relies much more on organic, self-produced samples, borrowing only ethereal spoken-word monologues, and vibrant Eastern a capellas, chopped and spread across his lush compositions like seeds in a garden. Highlights include "Crime Crunk Scene," "Insects and Peppermints," and the beat-scene-oriented "Trees," but the whole collection flows as a gorgeous unit.

This compelling album will be completed by the end of the year. In the meantime, fans can catch this live-electronic octopus loop and create his vivid soundscape at club dates in New York and New England, as well as festival appearances at Camp Bisco X, The Big Up, and Rootwire.

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