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Favorite Thisill.Gates vs Die Antwoord Round 2 - FREE DL + VIDEO

Published: December 7, 2011

ill.Gates just doesn't stop. Between remixes and collaborations, which he's thrown off left and right to great acclaim, he found the time to take on South Africa's zef-rappers Die Antwoord deftly, and if we may say so, pretty creepily. Now, it's only fair to say much of the creepiness comes from Antwoord, who are self-proclaimed rednecks and did much of the insect mouthplay for the video. That being said, we can't assume Mr. .Gates wasn't suckin' on a beetle while putting the finishing touches this masterpiece. Now that everyone and their gam-gam is crashing the bass music party, the post-dubstep sounds coming out of the ill.Gates studio are some of the wildest and intellectually stimulating today. While the track retains its intensity, it doesn't rely on predictable builds or gimmicky drops. Just straight-ahead glitch-hop with a cerebral edge. Now add the mesmermizing video, the lovely price of Free-99, and you got yourself a hot internet commodity. Los Angeles, San Diego, and Denver, we hope you're ready...ill.Gates is coming for you this weekend!

Free download:

Tags: BreaksElectroGlitchHip HopHouse