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Favorite Thisill.Gates Previews New Muti Release: The ill.Methodology

Published: September 20, 2011

While his namesake/altar ego/evil twin Bill Gates is off saving the world with humanitarian efforts, ill.Gates is cackling to himself in his hidden volcano lair, putting the finishing touches on a massive, 18-track album. ill.Methodology will be hitting shelves and internets worldwide on October 3rd, courtesy of Muti Music (not too shabby for their 100th release). This mega-release features a few of Gates' buddies, including MiM0SA, Datsik, Ana Sia, Opiuo, Dov, and two tracks with tomorrow's Untz Podcast guest Ben Samples. His first single, "Open Your Eyes," with Israel's psytrance sensationCaptain Hook already made its way onto Bassnectar's latest mix, the "Color Storm Remixtape," and now you can grab it for free to hold you over until early October. Halloween came a little earlier than usual, and it's spookier than ever... 

ill.Gates & Captain Hook - Open Your Eyes

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