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Favorite Thisill.Gates: Church of Bass Teaser + Free Track

Published: November 9, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Few things are better than two artists at the top of their game working together. Such is the case for the mesmerizing tune “Alleyway,” which combines the invigorating styles of ill.Gates and Beats Antique. It’s been over a year since the track was released, but today we have a jaw-dropping pump-up on the classic collaboration by ill.Gates himself. 

“Alleyway (Remix)” kicks open with the inimitable guitar strings of Beats Antique, although their hypnotizing gypsy style is quickly replaced with electric overtones. Gates never strays too far from the original feel, yet surges with emotive instrumentations and galvanazing bursts of bass. The synths are heavier, the drums are brighter, and the overall atmosphere is increasingly fit for moving a crowd.

Also unveiled recently from Mr. Gates is an adrenaline-rushing teaser for his Church of Bass EP. These biblical cuts could literally cleanse your sins, abound you in Sacramental wine, and baptize you in the holy waters of heavenly dance music. The release is dropping on November 19th, and includes a relentless chune with R/D.

ill.Gates is bringing the non-stop heavy these days. Check his website for more information on the Church of Bass tour, which includes support from Stephan Jacobs and Jay Fay.

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