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Favorite Thisill-esha: Altitude Sickness EP Review

Published: August 1, 2013
Review by: Jordan Calvano
Photo by: Shaun Hollingsworth (

In today’s world of electronic music, there are endless female vocalists making a name for themselves. In regards to female producers, the numbers are substantiality lower. More and more continue to pop up, but few possess the versatility and longevity attributed to ill-esha’s (Elysha Zaide) music career. The Canadian artist has mastered numerous facets of her respective industry, proving she’s no one-trick-pony by relentlessly producing, recording vocals, spitting flows, and wooing audiences.
ill-eshaOn Altitude Sickness (Muti Music), we witness ill-esha further honing the craft for which she's become known: glitchy instrumentations. The bass-laden EP represents her continuing desire to provide fans with thought-provoking music, drawing up a fine dividing line between enticingly melodic and unyieldingly heavy. Each song sits between 86 and 93 BPM, creating a cohesive release that remains true to a specific mood.

With the EP’s first three tracks, ill-esha’s focus is undoubtedly targeted towards production. The songs possess little to no vocals, allowing dreamy and edgy synths to battle for ultimate supremacy. This meticulous fluctuation is the driving force for “Altitude Sickness” and “Capricious Nights,” pitting lovestep and glitch-hop directly against the other. Although on “Idle Heart” and “Oxytocin,” Zaide toys further with vocal range and loftier waves of sound to establish a fitting conclusion.

Altitude Sickness stays true both title and sound wise to the place ill-esha is currently claiming residence: Denver, Colorado. Zaide’s alluring sound continues to soar well above the Rockies, advancing her highly coveted role as a crossover producer and vocalist.

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