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Favorite ThisHysterical Bear Grillz cartoon takes trolls to task

Published: February 3, 2014
By: Joshua Davis

“Sounds like a Zomboy rip-off.” Many have made this remark regarding new anonymous producer Bear Grillz and his point-proving attempt to make a splash in the EDM pool as of two months ago.
The name was new to me, but after listening to his new free track “Fan Mail” along with his debut EP The High Grade it’s difficult to not keep the new guy on my radar. I don’t know much about him, there’s not much to be found. He’s boys with Datsik, he’s got a Twitter, Facebook page, and a Soundcloud, all saturated with comical bear memes. He also has a duck.

The new track does make you wonder who’s behind it. I think it may be why I like it so much, because it’s obviously a very troll-ish track. The vocal bits featured throughout the track are all based around comments made about him being a rip-off of someone else, and even the samples played are relative to other artists’. With all this put out there the track still bangs your headphones into your head, seamlessly even. 
It’s too early to shoot off predictions on how big the splash he makes in the pool will be. I enjoy The High Grade, and I say that realizing what other artists are out there, what tracks have been released and what’s been played during the intros to so-and-so’s sets. Like I said I’ll keep him on the radar. He’s got a good perspective on the balance of track elements, and has definitely taught himself something worth pursuing.
Give “Fan Mail” and The High Grade a few listens and keep your eyes peeled for whatever Bear Grillz does next.

Tags: Dubstep