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Favorite ThisHyperbolic Headspace debuts new tune from Danktronics EP

Published: August 14, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

One underground bass label you might not have come across yet is Danktronics. We premiered a Mugsy track from the west coast label at the beginning of the year, and since then they're released singles by Cloud-D, SubDocta, and more. Based in the Pacific Northwest, the label also produces shows as well as fiery art and merch, and it's high time they got on your radar.

Today, the label teases its forthcoming release from Hyperbolic Headspace, an act we've seen on many a bill in the southeast who is making waves in a big way in the underground bass scene. On August 25th, the Yin EP drops, and we're premering a new one for our fans today.

Here They Come” builds on the psy bass we've known and loved from Hyperbolic Headspace in the past, and takes it to a darker, more experimental dubstep realm. It's a blend of trippy glitch with some snarling bass and throwback wubs in there for good measure. It's right in line with the classic dubstep sounds we're seeing make a comeback in the scene.

Subsonic junkies who dig the sounds of some of the weirder producers in our corner of the industry are going to dig this new Hyperbolic Headspace direction courtesy of the fine folks at Danktronics.

Tags: Dubstep