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Favorite ThisHullabaloO surprises fans with the lead single '9000' from new EP

Published: February 26, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

HullabaloOI spend most of my day crouched over my inbox waiting for the next big release from our homies at ShadowTrix Music. We've been lucky enough to call them partners since they signed on to put up their own stage at The Untz Festival, which will feature label legends like PartyWave, Rudeboynoize, and Kozmo this summer in Mariposa, California. The blossoming of this relationship means I get first crack at their new releases, and trust me when I say—that makes me very happy.

It means I get the jump on new talent like Andrew Bryant, who has been taking the west coast bass scene by storm. Busting out of Reno, Nevada with nearly a decade of producing under his belt and even longer as a pianist, the otherworldly sounds HullabaloO creates have turned the industry on its head as only an outsider with a wealth of talent could do.

On Loud Noises, a tribute to Steve Carell's weatherman character from Anchorman, I hope, Bryant takes his wildly original sound to the next level. Mixing contemporary west coast bass techniques with his pitch-bent high-frequency slides and psychedelic twists, he's able to pull out something totally unique. Lead single “9000” is a perfect snapshot of what he's doing with the genre, and lets us know just how far he's willing to push it.

He's already caught the ear of Tipper, who put him on the big Full Moon Gathering weekend in Florida this May. HullabaloO is getting added to more and more bills as word of his prowess spreads, and Loud Noises is going to advance that narrative even further.

Tags: Trap