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Favorite ThisHope for Haiti - A Global Dance Music Benefit - February 1st

Published: January 27, 2010

The following is call to action from Chris Lum, owner of Moulton Media (

The recent earthquake in Haiti has brought upon our fellow humans untold suffering and devastation. Though we bear witness to the destruction on a minute by minute basis, we canʼt fully comprehend the suffering and misery the people of Haiti are going through.

I awoke this morning compelled to pursue an idea for how we in the dance music industry and culture can come together to help in a significant way. More than we could as individuals. As a fellow member of the global dance music industry, I am calling on your capacity as a creative, caring and compassionate person in considering helping us in a grand attempt to provide some aid and comfort.

My name is Chris Lum and I own and operate one of the world's longest running, exclusive EDM music production centers in the world called Moulton Media. Moulton Media has been a leader in electronic dance music since the late 1990ʼs. Our past and present tenants are known throughout the world and also have deep roots here in SF.

We are seeking individuals in key cities throughout the world to co-ordinate their efforts with those of us in the San Francisco dance music community to produce co-coordinated dance music events to occur on a single evening in various cities.

Our singular goal is to raise as much money as we can for a select set of NGO's whom have already been well established in the region. They are:

Doctors Without Borders

Partners In Health (Haiti)

Save The Children

Our Soil

The money raised in this effort will go directly to buying medicine, medical supplies, providing medical staff, water, food, inflatable hospitals, shelter, child services and the long term aid that will help care for people as young as 8 days old to the elderly and severely injured.

So, why a dance party you ask?

Those of us in first world countries enjoy a quality of life that enables us to participate in an amazing industry and creative culture of celebration. We are blessed to play music, promote parties and produce events for a living. We are in a unique position to focus that gift and turn it into direct action for helping those in desperate and immediate need.

Our Goal

Our goal is to encourage people of like minds and deep hearts to come out for an evening of epic music, dancing, drinking and community for the purpose of helping others and saving lives. We can do so much more as a collective than as individual donors on this issue.

Here are some details for the main Hope for Haiti event in San Francisco:

February 1st, 2010 - Mighty

The San Francisco event is being produced by Salted Music & Moulton Media with generous support from Om Records and Club Mighty (SF).

Confirmed lineup includes Miguel Migs, Mark Farina, Fred Everything, David Harness, Julius Paap, DJ MFR, Garth, Jëno, Galen, Solar, Dj M3, J Boogie, Dj Consuelo, Dj Fluid, Franky Boissy & Chris Lum.

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