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Favorite ThisHoodsex: Sweatin' Like Keith (Mixtape) [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Published: February 15, 2013
By: Mica D'Alesandro

"Sweatin' like Keith" by Hoodsex will have you craving for more. This mysterious Italian duo brings R&B/hip-hop to a whole new level blending razor-sharp glitch and chill trap in a crisp and enlightening partnership. It's so smooth and sexy you won't be able to get enough. Hoodsex is full of out of this world energy and don't be surprised that they will be seducing ladies in a city near you.

“Sweatin' like Keith" will be the first thing you play when you pregame for the warm spring nights ahead. This is the kind of sonic battery power needed by the Energizer Bunny to get his groove on. Enriched with beautiful piano samples, edgy snare hits, and unique bass flavor, this will get you stuntin'. If you’re looking to spark your music love life, "Sweatin like Keith" is your match.

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Tags: GlitchHip Hop