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Favorite ThisHoly Ghost! Video Premieres on MTV

Published: May 1, 2011

Holy Ghost!'s "Wait & See" Video
Premieres On MTV's The Hive
& Features Some Very Special Guests

Holy Ghost! just released their debut album and wrapped a national tour with their Aussie pals Cut Copy, but in no way does that mean the party is winding down for the duo. Check out their latest music video for the single “Wait & See.”
The latest video follows the two through a familiar-feeling New York backdrop, but this time with a very interesting twist. Alex Frankel explains, "for a long time Nick and I joked that our dads should take our press photos. At some point our go-to director, Ben Fries, came up with the idea of actually making a video with them playing us and "Wait and See" seemed like the perfect song to do it for. At first both Dads were a little apprehensive - and rightfully so: My dad was appalled at the sizing options at American Apparel.  But when we explained that the joke wasn't on them - that it was actually kind of making fun of us getting older and still living like teenagers - they were game. For the record, they agree: We need to grow up."
When bringing up the idea with their dads, the first thought Alex’s father Bruce Frankel had was  "Would I what?" The elder Frankel recently penned a book* which recounts stories on taking risks later in life so decided to do just that. Bruce details that “the night before the shoot, Alex played a few bars of the song and asked me to sing along. As soon as I began, he stopped playing, got quiet, put his head in his hands, and -- as if I wasn't already terrified enough -- he muttered, ‘I forgot.’ He didn't look hopeful either when he left me with loops to listen to and practice lip synching to the beat. After he left, I spent hours listening and singing along, trying to stoke my never-much-used-inner-rock-star delusions. The next morning, things got very real when I saw a sleepy-eyed Tim (Nick's dad), dressed in a leather jacket and ready to be led to slaughter, I knew there was no retreat.  He said something comforting, like, ‘I'm just glad I'm not you.’"
And now the final project is ready for viewing! Nick and Alex are very proud of their latest video and their dads are very proud of them!

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