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Favorite ThisHollis' Globetrotting EP is easily the sleeper hit of the summer

Published: July 24, 2016

By: Pedro Acosta

Take a trip around the world of future bass with Hollis’ new Globetrotting EP released earlier this summer by Mallabel Music.

The 4-track EP is an uptempo future bass journey laced with dreamy wubs that aim to mesmerize, but also heal. Hollis is dedicating all of the proceeds from this new project to the hospital bills for DJ Dragonfly, a longtime friend of The Untz who recently underwent intense chemotherapy treatments for throat cancer.

In a Facebook post, Hollis explained the EP’s new purpose and recognized DJ Dragonfly (Martin Tickle) as a “person that’s done more for the West Coast festival scene than almost anyone else I can think of." Hollis’ powerful decision to dedicate the Globetrotting EP to DJ Dragonfly seems to emphasize the emotion within the smooth wavy sounds of the new project.

Take a listen to Hollis’ new EP and consider donating to the DJ Dragonfly fund! And if you were wondering who made the vibrant album artwork, it was Mr. Rogers.

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