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Favorite ThisheRobust x gLAdiator - We Are

Published: February 25, 2013

Stop what ever you're doing and listen to this track. Don't tell your boss to "hang on a sec," just hang up, log off, and push your chair back from the desk. If you want to do the Dougie or The Worm, that's good, but if you're not a trained professional, please watch a YouTube video first so you don't hurt yourself, and THEN listen to this track. What's there to say about Hayden Kramer that hasn't already been said about Kareem Abdul-Jabaar, red wine, and Werther's Originals? He just keeps getting better with age. HeRobust is on a ROLL, producing tracks left and right, and now he's joining forces with the hottest Los Angeles twosome since Kim and Kanye got back together. Danl Goodman and Ian Johson, better known as gLAdiator have snatched the trap game and run with it. A couple of rising stars just locked in on their first collab, and you think you've got time to fill out your TPS Reports? Unh-uhhhh. Learn the Dougie, and lean back. "We Are" is fire.