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Favorite ThisheRobust: Screw Loose EP Review

Published: September 13, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

In a world filled with overused and lackluster jokes, its always good to here a good pun to brighten up your day. Whether you’re at the beach and bust out the phrase “Drew-Barry-Me-More,” or maybe even entering your local soapbox derby and yelling “Lets bomb this Jonah Hill.”
Alright so maybe these aren’t the best ones we have ever come up with, but the point is if you simply love mediocre puns, heRobust’s (Hayden Kramer) new album might just be your new favorite thing. The Atlanta-based producer is gung-ho about unleashing electrifying soundscapes, while completing these tasks with a carefree ease and full-throttle proficiency that has quickly caught the attention of bass heads abroad. Kramer knows no limits when it comes to unleashing rowdy anthems, while jumping over genre boundaries with an “Anything goes” mentality--you never really know what to expect from homie G’s music until tuning in.  
On his Screw Loose EP now out on Muti Music, we witness the rising star take his poignant sound to uncharted territories with a release that is sure to have heads rollin', jaws dropping, and listeners losing their minds from start to finish.
Opening up the musical floodgates and getting the pun game up and running is “Bubba Sparkles,” which tells an entrancing story through gripping synth progressions, glitched out madness, and soulful vocal samples that strike up an im-pun-itive balance between somber and sincere.
While Wal-Mart might not be the most loved establishment to ever estate it’s dominance in the world of shopping, we guarantee you can get down with “WalMartian.” The immersive track possesses a certain extraterrestrial feel to it, while effortlessly infuses gentle snare hits with slow paced dub tones--a soothing combo that fits together like a cold beer on a hot summer day.
Closing out this musical masterpiece of an EP is “Doomfounded;” a jazzy tune layered with menacing womps and pulsating synth patterns. This bad boy has got soul for days, and is sure to regale the ears of any listener who can appreciate music stemming from Colorado’s current bass movement.
heRobust deliverers big time on his second EP in the last few months, while providing fans with groovy soundscapes to fill their days with. 

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