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Favorite ThisHellberg & Matt Prey ft Brenton Mattheus - Hope

Published: May 14, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

Hellberg saw the same potential in Brenton Mattheus from those mega-hits with SirensCeol that we first heard (we're hazarding a guess). Regardless, Mattheus is about to get a helluva lot more work. No pun intended. Sweden's Jonathan Hellberg teamed up with Matt Prey to create this soaring canvas fro Mattheus' powerful pipes, and the thrilling climax is exactly what prog fans are looking for. Sure, a young Swede in the house game is already going to be drawing comparisons to other young Swedes in the house game *cough, cough, Avicii, cough, cough* but c'mon: the kid's got undeniable talent. Keep doing your thing, Hellberg! This track is out now on Marcel Woods' Musical Madness label. Grab it.