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Favorite ThisHEISS continues Transcendent Tunes series with Absolutio(N)

Published: May 1, 2015

By: Chris Conte

Transcendent Tunes boss Frank Heiss is back with another full-length HEISS album, just in time for the auspicious 5-1-15 date.

Absolutio(N) kicks off strongly with two trap heavy beats reminiscent of Bassnectar. Jackson Whalan rapping over both tunes matches the flow quite well. Getting into the diverse groove of the whole album, pay attention to the layers and sounds hitting your ear drum. I love HEISS's intermingling of actual bass guitar sounds in the second song, "The Beast." It really adds to the texture and flow. He also sprinkles some dubstep womps for good measure.

You can definitely pick up on Lorin's influence during the rap heavy tunes. "Level Up" brings in a fast paced vibe driving the record forward into "Doorway From Despair." Both vibrant high-tempo tunes, one with a synth solo that is very 80's-esque. You'll be bobbing your head the whole time, switching from one vibe to another with ease. 

I really enjoy the juxtaposition of both the rapping, the higher tempo beats and the shamanic timbre. It seems like you are listening to different artists but in actuality you are hearing HEISS's versatility. He can go from a thumping, energetic, almost techno song to a low down dirty, seat back trap beat. Culminating the journey in a spiritual fashion by employing organic tones with worldly chants. HEISS's amalgamation of instruments and genres is addicting. He has coalesced multiple species of music into one album. During the last few songs it gets super heady, especially in "Ganesh" and "8431 Miles." If you are into Kalya Scintilla or Desert Dwellers check those out!

Tags: DubstepGlitchHip HopTechnoTrap