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Favorite ThisHeiss - Ascensio(N) review

Published: November 13, 2013
By: Jacki Horne

Frank Heiss, a.k.a. HEISS, is a crafter of transcendent tunes, psychedelic soundscapes, and divine downtempo jams. His latest release, Ascensio(N), is the follow up to Awake(N), another experimental trance work of art kissed with spirit, culture and awareness. The rawness of this compilation of sounds is an expression of truth through sound manipulation and energy. There is an underlying tone of spiritual downtempo on all twelve tracks, yet each track is unique and many different genres are integrated from hiphop to dubstep.
“Brahman” feat Jackson Whalan is one of my favorite tracks on the album. The track radiates a chilled-out, yet passionate vibe and introduces the fascinating spirituality of Hinduism through its hip-hop lyrics. “Barbo” (feat Falu) is another beautifully cultured track on the album, complete with spiraling chants and kaleidoscopic bass. “The Good, The True & The Beautiful” (feat Michael Garfield) is the perfect vibe for this album to end on; it is both gorgeous and tranquil while radiating a peaceful rhythm. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more spiritually charged music from HEISS.

HEISS is poised to hit the road in 2014, you can bring him to your town by reaching out to and you can hit him up for remixes, collaborations, or other enquiries at

Tags: Downtempo