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Favorite ThisHalfred & Lo.Renzo celebrate Outtallectuals with 'Inaani'

Published: March 18, 2021

By: Anand Harsh

OuttallectualsFew labels have as strong a cohesive thread as that of UK-based Outtallectuals. For a decade, the best in whompy, old world, midtempo productions have found their way to the boutique label.

To celebrate 10 years of music, the label's core artists plus some special guests have come together for Liminal Lore. Two of the label's shining stars, Halfred and Lo.Renzo are well-versed in the sound. And in such a string-heavy environment, Alfred Treccani and Lorenzo Mantovani are going to thrive.

Fans will be well aware of Halfred and Lo.Renzo's South American medicine music side project, Jakare, and Lo's alter ego POAN also shows up on this Outta comp. “Inaani” is fun and fancy free, playing with a boatload of stringed instruments, and even throwing in some cheeky scratches amongst the midtempo, psybreaks groove.

Liminal Lore features Theodosil Spassov and Ivan Shopov, Byzantine Time Machine on multiple tracks, and even label head Baxtak gets in on the action. It's a beautiful celebration of a well-deserved milestone.

Pre-order Liminal Lore before it's out on March 20

Tags: Glitch