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Favorite ThisGUMI tells the Never Ending Story on Desert Trax

Published: October 25, 2017

By: Sanjay Gopal

GUMIMaor Hasbani, a long time fixture of the Israeli psytrance scene, has taken his wealth of knowledge in the music industry to develop an entirely new sound with GUMI.

Fusing chill with psybreaks and a trance-flavored edge, Hasbani spins enchanting fables with his Never Ending Story EP, which dropped last month on Desert DwellersDesert Trax label. This two-track EP gives fans a wealth of sounds and styles wrapped up in a shiny, little package.

“I decided to create one track that would be a bit different from my others tracks,” Hasbani notes. “All my tracks are based on a downtempo, dub, and chill vibe, and this one was made to give extra feeling on the dance floor; more mid-tempo, trance vibes. To present a modern [path] to the old school vibe I really like—this is the result.”

Divine Indian classical flute opening (set on steady 16ths of slick hi-hats) beckons to (a tale of) ancient long lost (hi)story…? that takes us through unchartered explorations (of our inner selves), slowly evolves into an aggressive saw-edged groove driving forward into new never ending terrain. Pay special attention to that haunting and mysterious melody.

With the B-side, “The Light,” the track builds up gradually, introducing new exciting elements, some synthy strings, croaky bass, the ever reliable arpeggiator setting up a lush and mildly dark/exotic atmosphere. There is so much emotive depth in each of these songs, which aren't your typical 3-minute radio play dollops. These are full, five-course meals with swirling flavors, pungent aromas, and fully-realized three-dimensional spaces to swoop and soar into as you pluck every fiber of viscera from every surface of each tune.

For those of you who like to listen to exciting new music in a new realm, this is a must listen! Do follow Maor and his undeniable upcoming sonic exploits to see where his musical journey leads him.

Download GUMI's Never Ending Story EP from Desert Trax today

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