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Favorite ThisGRiZ: Mad Liberation Review

Published: September 14, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Mad Liberation has quickly become one of 2012’s most highly anticipated EDM albums, as avid fans of the burgeoning young producer known as GRiZ (Grant Kwiecinski) obsessively checked his social networking sites for any trace of information on the release.
The album was originally set to drop in April, and while it never ended up on some Chinese Democracy or Detox type shit, Kwiecinski did leave listeners hanging for a hot minute. So it was an ecstatic day for all when Mad Liberation finally dropped--quenching the thirst of fans, fellow producers, and just amount anyone who can appreciate soulful bass bursts. 
First up is “Too Young for Tragedy,” a hauntingly emotive tune that uses entrancing musical notes to paint an ominous yet blissful picture, while flawlessly telling an endearing story of the joys and pains of growing up. Although with this song as the backdrop, melancholy and nostalgia can be exuberant--immersion at its finest.
 “Mr.B” features Dominic Lalli of Big Gigantic, who adds a sensual extra layer of live sax tones to the already jazzy anthem--the result? An unlimited supply of funky instrumentations, which will have the mind and soul of GRiZ’s die hard fans grooving together in perfect unison.
 “Fall In Love Too Fast” is easily one of the undeniably tantalizing pieces of art stemming from Kwiecinski’s collection, and features a peaceful coffee shop vibe throughout. Heartfelt vocal and instrumental samples from Chet Baker serve as the nostalgic backbone for the infectious track, while moving drum work kick things up to a whole new level.
 “Wonder Why” busts open with some dream related quotes, before unloading a compelling supply of well-placed dub tones and titillating vocal samples. An almost eight minute anthem that truly stands out from the rest of the album, while sucking listener’s into an unconscious, out of body experience.
Mad Liberation might have come out a few months later than expected, but after taking a quick listen to any of the cuts on this album, it becomes abundantly clear that the wait was truly worthwhile. Also featured on the album are some classic GRiZ tracks like “Rock N Roll,” “Better Than Ive Ever Been,” and “Wheres The Love,” which are all guaranteed to set a party off. 

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