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Favorite ThisGRiZ: Gettin' Live

Published: April 5, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

Nothing is more purely cyclical than music. It's funny, a couple years back, it was all about how filthy you could get. Harder drops, louder bass, harsher beats--now the pendulum has swung the other way. Nowadays we're seeing "funk" pop up in song titles and descriptions all over the place. It's about how funky you can get. And hardly anyone is doing it better than GRiZ. Yes that Grant Kwiecinski we saw play a couple dozen sets all over those small Midwestern festivals a couple years ago; the same old Grant who is now sitting atop the lineup of every major summer festival including Summer Camp, Wakarusa, and Lightning in a Bottle.

GRiZ enlisted the help of his buddy Dan Hacker, a.k.a. MuzzY to lend some funky fresh guitar licks to send his sax solos into the stratosphere. This electro soul anthem is as potent as it is live. The emphasis on live instrumentations is swinging that other pendulum, the one that said all EDM acts perform and produce on laptops and laptops only, spinning like a top. "Gettin' Live" shows you can do it live, and it doesn't have to be nasty to make people bounce. This 'Future Funk' movement is ready and rarin' to go, and GRiZ is taking us all to the promised land.

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