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Favorite ThisGrimes - Skin (ChrisB. Remix)

Published: June 4, 2012
The worlds of indie and bass music have shifted even closer together with the release of ChrisB.'s new remix of Grimes' "Skin." The delicate and sensual redo is fraught with the pulsing emotion's of his previous work, but the precision of the production, the absolutely meticulous attention to detail, hails the dawning of a new sound for the West Coast artist. Eschewing jagged drops and the flagrant brostep end of the bass music spectrum, ChrisB. prefers the subtler low end of the glitch game, without entirely forgoing the rhythmic pleasure centers of the hip-hop aesthetic. Indeed coursing from his newfound home at the epicenter of "lovestep," the deep-hearted nature of his productions puts him in an entirely new category of producers exploring uncharted territory. He takes the plaintive wails of Grimes and slices with the steady hand of a surgeon--not cutting out her soul, but remapping her spirit in a way all his own. It's no wonder fellow producer Sugarpill had the LIB crowd in the palm of his hand with this gem of a tune last weekend.