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Favorite ThisGreener Grounds drop 'Neptune' from forthcoming Photosynthesis EP

Published: July 2, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

Look, we know how to separate the livetronica wheat from the chaff. We've been doing this long enough to have developed an ear for talent, and what we hear in Greener Grounds out of Denver, CO is pure joy.

The funky five-piece of guitarists Joe Shur and Mathew Buelt, the battery of bassist Danny Littler and drummer AJ Gillman, and the aptly named Roland Hansen on synths finds a playful zone just to the right of jam where a few electronica elements slip in. Put them on the spectrum near the Biscuits, leaning heavily towards the jammier side, but know how to go trancey when necessary.

Today's premiere, "Neptune," is the lead single from the band's Photosynthesis EP, which drops July 10th. I can't get away from the word "playful," because that's the energy I'm feeling from these guys. The fun is now. The anguish of touring non-stop in a sweaty van comes later, for sure, and we'll hear tighter, darker jams from them then, but for now, the mood is light and the chops are real.

The unit was selected by fans to play SONIC BLOOM late last month, and we know their rabid base will push them to tour far and wide. We'll check back on the EP in a week. In the meantime, download this sucker for free.

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