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Favorite ThisGreener Grounds deliver jamtronica gold with Photosynthesis EP

Published: July 10, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

We first introduced the funky five-piece Greener Grounds to our fans last week with the premiere of "Neptune" from the Denver-based band's EP, Photosynthesis, which is out today (July 10). Guitarists Joe Shur and Mathew Buelt, bassist Danny Littler, drummer AJ Gillman, and keyboardist Roland Hansen drew my comparisons to early Biscuits, mostly because of the jammier tendencies that headed towards trancefusion, at times. Now hearing the full EP, I must toot my own horn and admit to myself that I was onto something.

Opener "Anaglyph" contains that funky, palm-muted wah that presses the buttons of all us old heads. The guitarwork is crisp and consistent through the EP (which is more than can be said for The Barber, at times), and the delicate balance of melody and groove belies the group's relatively short time together.

Standout "Clairvoyance" has a totally different mood than the rest of the album. Diving a little into the trancier side with a great emphasis on the melodic aspect of the jam, the build and eventual climax shows a new side of Greener Grounds.

"Trails" evokes a "Best Feeling" type feel for fans of Cheese and Keller. Definitely the lightest intro of them all, the cut leads into a crazy funked out jam that goes totally nutty.

As I stated before, we're excited to hear this group a couple years down the road, when they've tightened their sounds through endless touring. It's exciting to be on the precipice of that great adventure, but Photosynthesis demonstrates to us the promise of good things to come.

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