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Favorite ThisGrateful Dead - Althea (UDNTPRTY Remix)

Published: February 17, 2012

(AURA Music Festival Exclusive) The first in a series of three Fresh Beatz from AURA artists leading up to the festival...

Craig Heneveld, a.k.a. UDNTPRTY made a pretty bold stab into some, quite frankly, dangerous territory with his latest remix. There are some things people hold very dear to their hearts: their first concert, first joint, first heady grilled cheese... and a lot of that's going to be wrapped up with The Dead. And if you're going to put your own spin on one of the most successful rock acts of the last half century, whose longevity is unquestioned by the prevalence of Stealies at any Pretty Lights show, you dare not touch one of the most beloved gems in that overflowing repertoire. I mean, that treachery could tear you limb from limb. I hope you don't get burned! I mean, c'mon, there are some things you cannot replace--we're just being honest to the point of recklessness. (*Editor's note: If all this wordplay is going over your head, do not be alarmed. Someone out there reading this is having a good chuckle).

Well that's just what UDNTPRTY did. He took on "Althea," which is no small task, to be sure. A warbling vocal line placed delicately over meandering Jerry licks. Not one but two drummers you gotta deal with on the mix. This is a tricky one! But Heneveld does it with flair and elegance, churning out a nu-disco tune in the vein of BoomBox, while retaining the tune's inherent class and demonstrating obvious reverence for the Grateful Dead. For all those offended by this reworking, we've just gotta say settle back easy, Jim.