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Favorite ThisGramatik gets remixed by Lookas, Gill Chang & Awoltalk

Published: July 15, 2016

By: Chris Conte

GramatikGramatik's "War Of The Currents" is one of the biggest bangers from his 13th studio album EPIGRAM. It's been making crowds go absolutely wild since its inception. The master of funkstep has bolstered his conquered territories into the genre of trap--a recent development. His Lowtemp label has just released the second installment of the EPIGRAM remix series with the tune flipped by Gill Chang, Lookas and Awoltalk.

Each remix is diverse in its own way, although they all make you want to party. The Gill Chang remix takes you on a roller coaster ride from head banging heaviness to chilled out future bass then back again. Really talented stuff coming from this up and comer from Taiwan. Keep an eye out for him.

Lookas and Awoltalk do some damage on this EP. Their tracks really shine through in sheer heaviness alone. Lookas has been climbing his way to the front of the bass scene continually releasing trap and dubstep anthems, and this remix is no different.

This is not to say Awoltalk's remix is not equally as hard because this shit drops harder than a 200 floor elevator shaft. It gives the track a reinvigorated feel that makes your body contort and twist in ways you didn't know it could. The drop is ruthless and with no signs of remorse.

All of these remixes slap. There is still a lot of summer left and plenty of festivals on the calendar, expect to hear these tunes cause I can guarantee some mayhem.

Tags: DubstepTrap