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Favorite ThisGovinda: Resonance Review

Published: November 12, 2012
By: Molly Gale

Late last month, world-bass favorite Govinda released the 6-track EP Resonance via INgrooves.  Govinda a.k.a. Shane D. O. Madden has developed a very distinct sound—a unique bouncy blend of fluidity and complexity.  Every track features his signature violin refrains that take Govinda’s sound to the next level.  Madden describes this EP as a “decadent and mysterious,” inviting us to travel “deeper down the rabbit hole” with him…

“Sonic Muse” is an easy, mellow groove to get the album started.  Both mechanical and whimsical, Govinda builds an acoustic environment that invites you to wander and explore the edges of your imagination—which is exactly what this album is about.  This song is truly an overture to the entire EP.

With “Plant the Seed”, Govinda raises the stakes.  Rosey’s sultry, haunting vocal sample soars over the driving and rhythmic beat.  Govinda’s signature bass drones shake the euphoric feel in a provocative, inviting way.

“Bad Girl” begins with a slow, creeping bass line that grows into a sensual, playful track shrouded in mysterious.  Govinda expertly layers sound upon sound—from the deep bass drones to the weightless female vocal samples.  This track has a sexy, taboo vibe that makes you feel like you’ve stumbled on to something you’re not supposed to be hearing.

The spacey track “Candle Fire” is a beautiful blend of every musical tendency that makes Govinda great.  His classical violin sings a somber lament over his brilliantly powerful bass drones.  This tune is exquisitely balanced.

“Clan of Love” begins with the angelic female voice proclaiming, “I want your crazy, I want your chaos”.  The blissful feel spirals into an upbeat, tightly wound bass line that only augments the dreamlike feel of this heady tune.

Rounding out the album is the gritty, aggressive track “Another Night Done.”  With samples of pleasure-filled sighs and angry screams, this song has an edgy juxtaposition.  The track maintains Govinda’s whimsical vibe, feeling almost Halloween-ish at times.  If “Sonic Muse” was the overture, “Another Night Down” track serves as a masterful finale to this exquisitely engineered EP.

Tags: DowntempoDubstepElectronicaGlitchLivetronica