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Favorite ThisGovinda brings sacred bass to the forefront with Luminance [Out TODAY]

Published: May 20, 2014

By: Mitchell Treend

There's this term I've come across to describe a special brand of electronic music that I thoroughly enjoy. Sacred Bass is a concept that seems to illuminate the disembodied connection between dance music lovers and that wholesome sub bass that pumps the beating heart of our favorite tunes. Today, we have the delightful opportunity to experience a true manifestation of what this vibe is all about in the form of Luminance, the newest love child from Austin-based composer and producer Govinda.


The man behind the beats, Shane Madden, has a glistening musical background filled with classical violin and gypsy culture. This has created a unique sound, swimming the channels between glitch-hop and dubstep towards indefinable auditory bliss. Fans of the Govinda project know too well the seamless balance between hearty bass and silky synths, teased together with that ever-tantalizing hum of free-spirited strings. Luminance makes no exceptions.

For starters we find two familiar tracks re-mastered for the occasion. “Om Tare” and “Angel Freezing” receive a burst of light, turning both tracks over to the glow of emerging inspiration.

Special tracks like “Break the Spell” and “Light Arrives” deliver a special taste of what sacred bass is all about, winding the coil of wayward motions into fluid spiraling decadence topped off with bubbling bass lines slightly reminiscent of one such Dave Tipper. The sound is unmistakable and lends the listener to lay back, eyes closed, and slip into the space beyond the spell where light may indeed arrive.

The release of Luminance marks a special occasion and another reminder of the infinite possibilities available to the powers of the creative mind. Govinda continues the path towards lifting the spirits of music lovers from sub woofer to strings. If you’re out and about on the festival circuit this summer don’t miss a signature Govinda sunrise set chock full of brand new sacred bass booty shakers.

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