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Favorite ThisGolden Toast: I'd Like To Make A Toast EP Review

Published: May 9, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

One incredibly important aspect about producers in today’s current bass culture is the ability to cross genres.  While it can be a risky move to change up your style, it is something that can pay off immensely if done right

This appears to be what Ananda Goldsmith does best. The Ashland, Oregon based producer, best known as DJ Toast/Golden Toast, is an absolute menace when it comes to grinding out eccentric instrumentations that will leave any listener breathless with each release. His monstrous soundscapes are aesthetically pleasing to the ears; yet simultaneously possess the capabilities to rock any speakers his mystical cuts course through.  This can be heard on jaw dropping original cuts like the ones off his LacToast Intolerant EP, which includes the track “Blue Jay” released by Mal Label Music, and on bodacious swith ups of artists like Thievery Cooperation, R.Kelly, and M∆DE::IN::HEIGHTS.

On Goldsmith’s I’d Like To Make A Toast EP, self-released on IBS Records, the young producer strays away from the usual bangers and gives his fans something to dance about on a release full of groovy midtempo madness.

Opening up the tenacious set of songs is “Can Ya Dig it,” which is a rambunctious jam featuring confident bass lines that riddle their way through an armada of effervescent synth bursts. Throughout this song listeners are asked a crucial question that Cyrus states in the classic movie The Warriors with their obvious answer being yes, we can dig it. 

“Baby Blast” features a crunchy groove that layers perfectly under a set of pivotal snare hits, while “Funk Blastin” stays true to its title and delivers a massive burst of funk right to the listeners dome while also including a series of ominous, renaissance style string samples.

“Criminal” is a contagious jam that possesses incredibly eerie vocal samples and will instantly transport any listeners mind on a thrill ride of an unconscious journey, propelled of course by the songs charismatic glitch-hop presence.

“Ninja Pilgrim” features a slew of destructive dub lines and the production of fellow Ashland Producer Aeolus (Caleb Morrison), while “Krunch” is a bouncy tune that features more immersive string samples and an overall buttery yet chaotic aura.

I’d Like To Make A Toast is an essential EP for anyone who can appreciate finely tuned midtempo cuts that were meant to get a crowd on their feet. Be sure to check out Goldsmith perform with ill.Gates on May 18th in Ashland if you’re lucky enough to live in the Southern Oregon area.