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Published: October 12, 2012

Ten years ago, the idea of booking a dance music concert on a college campus would have sounded like logistical suicide. But now, thanks to the recent success of traveling college music tour GLOWfest, your favorite DJs are likely coming to a campus quad near you.

Begun a scant two years ago, GLOWfest is the product of seven college friends with one simple, yet unique goal: to bring electronic music to campuses across the country.With the droves of hyperactive, high-spending, party-minded students, the traditional college campus seems like the perfect habitat for dance music; however, even as EDM shows and festivals soared in the late 2000s, the campus scene had yet to get a taste. Even with the rise of massive festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival and Identity Fest, college kids were forced off-campus to get their dance fix. And that’s where GLOWfest came in. Over the past two years, GLOWfests across the country have hosted huge name artists such as Deadmau5, Pretty Lights, Aviici, and Crystal Castles, all smack dab in the middle of a college campus.

On October 25, GLOWfest: Illinois finds its home in Champaign at the University of Illinois’ hallowed Assembly Hall. Onstage, concertgoers will be treated to a night of variations on that old Chicago standby: house music. Headlining act Hardwell will bring his in the form of hyped-up progressive house, while fellow Netherlands natives Bingo Players root their four-on-the-floor in swung rhythms and high flying synths. Colorado homebody Savoy favors electro—house and dubstep breaks, and DotEXE reinterpret the traditional house pulse into something far lusher.

GLOWfest: Illinois begins 6 p.m. on Thursday, October 25th at Assembly Hall. Tickets for the evening range between $30-52, depending on the location of the seats. GLOWfest also reminds those interested that the production team is hiring, for both company work and day-of-event promotion. 

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Featured Artists

“Mode” - Bingo Players

With its hip-swiviling, swung style, this is the newest incarnation of what was probably once known as “funky house.” Except these guys get it right. Every time.

“Senator” - Savoy

This take on a trap beat turns the so-called genre on its ear, and carves out a hypnotic head-nod pattern that will have you woozy by the second drop.

“Gibberish” - DotEXE

The young Chicago producer lends his brand of uplifting and euphoric chord progressions to offset some of drumstep and Moombacore’s oft-repeated clichés.

“How We Do” - Hardwell and Showtek

Living up to the label, “massive,” Hardwell teams up with Showtek to churn out another piece of ravers’ paradise, chocked full of Euro-vibes and sidechained synths sure to knock your socks off, again and again.

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