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Favorite ThisGlass Cannon premieres exhilarating 'Tipping Point'

Published: September 12, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

The crew WUMP Collective regularly has its finger of the pulse of not only today's big trends, but also the cutting-edge sound coming around the corner. And let's be clear, the traffic in the same underground bass realm that drives our fans nuts, so this is a niche of a niche, but still—they really are up our alley when it comes to delivering the goods.

On that tip, the collective's latest find is Texas three-piece Glass Cannon. Now everything's bigger in the Lone Star State, so it should be no surprise that this avant garde act is big on sound. Fusing drummer and producer Kasey Chesnutt, guitarist Elias Salaz, and singer Holly Harper's sounds into a post rock, bass hybird, the unique result is a wildly inventive sonic aesthetic that defies simple categorization.

The band was kind enough to let us premiere “Tipping Point” ahead of the release of its EP, Strange Toes, which drops tomorrow (September 13) on WUMP. The strident attack and unrelenting groove will help fans understand just what this outfit is all about. Additionally, you'll get why Harper is oft compared to the legend björk.

Keep your eyes and ears on the WUMP Collective's channels for Strange Toes, there's definitely something brewing here.

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