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Favorite ThisGladkill's new Foundations Recordings EP deserves 'Accolades'

Published: June 18, 2014

By: Mitchell Treend

In case this flew right past you last week, Gladkill dropped his new Accolades EP, and it rules. The first official EP for his label with sugarpill, Foundations Recordings, Boris Gladkikh, the man behind the Gladkill project is making huge strides as a producer and a performer.

This EP features six original tracks that span the spectrum from deep house through future bass all the way into minimal 2-step and R&B. Regardless of any relative genre distinctions Gladkill pours a thick glass of ethereal crunk into the bubbling melting pot of dance music in America at the moment to shake things up a bit.

Opener “Ether” drips in on misty ripples into hushed clap tracks and a shivering chime. A wall of future bass waves curls over, crashing into the brushed out snares and sliding onto the shores of our moonlit imagination. We get tasty bass and spacey synths all in one for a refreshing dip in the pools of cosmic ether.

The title track heads for the dance floor with ghostly, deep house vibes and haunting techno synths. Choice vocal samples and addictive rhythms show the true meaning behind the title of this album. Gladkill has indeed achieved something special here. Blending influences and creativity for authentic good vibes that shine through the diversity of each track. Accolades indeed.

Closer “Queens” is not one to miss. Gladkill weaves lush tropical drum work with a signature future vibe and the result is lowridin’ bass bliss. If you’re looking for good tunes to cruise 3am with, find a copy of Accolades and dive right in.

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