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Favorite ThisGiBBZ - Who Gibbz A F#@$ [Out NOW on Lowtemp]

Published: March 14, 2014
By: Chelsea Bray

If you’re a fan of funky, electro pop, then you will adore this EP from Gibbz, the alter ego of Mike Gibney. This producer and singer created this set of four songs illuminating a kind of genre that is all about letting go and setting yourself free—properly titled, Who Gibbz A F#@$.

After spending years on the engineering side of the music, Gibbz thought it was time to create his own. So he joined the Lowtemp record label, which was created by fellow funk-master Gramatik, in 2013. With a creatively confident flare, Gibbz lets loose in this four track EP.

Drenched in sensual rhythm and first on the EP is "Do It For You." Gibbz’ vocals are smooth and fit with the electric, chill beat. This song might be the perfect addition to your soon-to-be-summer tracks. His second song of the EP, "Again and Again," is a sweet-talking jam. This mellow track is a great comfort in telling us that it’s okay to keep making mistakes and to just keep dancing—okay, we will.

The other two songs on this EP are more uplifting than the first two, but still give off the same relaxing vibe. "Crafty" is strictly electronic pop—no vocals. This track breaks up the EP into two separate acts, leading into the final funky anthem, "Show You."

Gibbz is set to début his EP tonight in Brooklyn, New York. This event, cleverly called “When in Robe: A Spa Dance Party,” features Branx, Pomo, BCD, and Subset. We can only guess how amazing that is going to be; especially with these funky, silky sounds, Gibbz is sure to set the tone of this “relaxing” party.

Who Gibbz A F#@$ is sure to set the mood once the nights get warmer and longer, and hopefully it’ll cool us down. You can support it on iTunes, or download it for free from Lowtemp--your call!

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