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Favorite ThisGiBBZ - Again and Again [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Published: February 25, 2014
By: Huff

New age techno meets the eargasmic voice that is GiBBZ! “Again and Again” reaches out to every girl out there waiting for that knight behind the shining bar to serve her a shot of ecstasy with some whipped cream before she proceeds to jump out to the dance floor like it’s 1985. Prince and Rick James would surely be seen toasting up in the VIP to this song every time the hook comes on, laughing in the disco beams. #Holyship, I couldn’t quit dancing to this one. Seriously, “Again and Again” only got more sweat beads of anticipation for Gramatik’s Lowtemp Records showcase at Red Rocks on May 17th cascading down my brow. Lowtemp is too cool right now, dropping the sexyfunkyfresh jams to funk ya nights up.

Watch GiBBZ perform at the Gramatik The Age of Reason release party!

Tags: DubstepGlitchHip Hop