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Favorite ThisGetting to know Singularity [playing DNA Lounge SF on Dec 20]

Published: December 13, 2013
By: Mica D'Alesandro

In honor of's 4th anniversary, Singularity is headlining THE END II in San Francisco on December 20th with other favorites like Wick-it The Instigator, K Theory, ill-esha and more! So, if you're in the Bay Area, mark your calendars for a pre Christmas-jam! Singularity is a rising star, gaining momentun with his unique production style and vocal treatment, so we took some time to ask him a few questions.

Let's start with the basics: where are you from and what got you interested in producing music?
I've been living in LA most of my life. Growing up I played in bands with friends, but we didn't have the money to go to a recording studio, so I just figured out how to do it on my own. 
What songs and artists inspired you this year?
Mat Zo, Wave Racer, Reign Of Kindo, Au5, Branchez, Savant. I could name a lot more, but those are just the first that come to mind. 
Is there a go-to piece of software or hardware you can't imagine producing without, at this point?
Most definitely Sylenth1.
If you could collab with any artist electronic or not, who would you choose?
How excited are you to be included in The End II, The Untz's 4th Anniversary party, and what can the fans and newcomers expect at your set?
Super stoked to be back for round 2! I like to play a little bit of everything, so just show up open minded :]
Your Rift EP is a game changer. 
What upcoming projects do you have in store for the New Year, and how do you raise an already impossibly high bar?
I'm all about constantly changing it up, so recently I've decided to shift the focus away from 140 bpm and into 128. I think that when it comes to art, being comfortable is a really destructive thing, so I'm always trying to make sure that I'm in a place I don't quite understand. 
There are tons of producers and artists out there trying to get their name out, how did you catch the Untz's attention? What advice can you give to other producers?
Honestly compare your music to your favorite artists. If you are actually honest with yourself, your music probably sounds REALLY bad in comparison. I know mine does. So with that in mind, the only two things you really need to get good at are producing, and looking at yourself in a non-biased way. If you get really good at those things, everything else will come naturally.
Did you attend any festivals or shows this year that just blew you away?
EDC is always the highlight of my year.
Let's close out with the most important question of all: what is your spirit animal?

Make sure to check out Singularity's latest EP titled Rift

The Untz 4th Anniversary show The End II

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