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Favorite ThisGet on board with the Liquid Stranger Wakaan Weekly playlist

Published: May 12, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

Fans of The Untz will have no trouble believing that our bass tastes line up nearly identically with Wakaan boss Martin Stääf. Unsurprisingly, the same cutting-edge brand of free form bass that Liquid Stranger espouses with his label and the artists with whom he surrounds himself are right in line with our penchant for that dirty, dirty vibe.

Thankfully, we don't have to do much work anymore, because Stääf is showing off his favorite sounds each week with his new Spotify playlist that covers the gamut from dubstep and trap to downtempo and glitch-hop. On his latest playlist, fans can hear from Esseks, Tipper, and Eptic, and—you're never gonna believe it—but the whole damn thing is filled chock-a-block with artists from The Untz Festival. I'll pause a second while you gasp in amazement. Listen to classics from TRUTH, Levitation Jones, Of The Trees, Yheti, Toadface, PartyWave, Shlump, and of course, the man Liquid Stranger, himself.

Check out the playlist which is updated fresh every seven days, and of course head on over to to snag yourself tickets for our own little bass shindig which is coming June 2-4 to Mariposa, California (whoa, that's only 3 weeks away). Catch you on the left coast.

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