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Favorite ThisGemini: Fire Inside EP Review

Published: April 12, 2012
By: Jordan CalvanoAs the EDM scene continues to progress at an incredibly rapid rate, it has become evident that producers are starting to pop up at a younger age every single year. Artists like Madeon, Fytch, and Getter have proven age truly means nothing, and it’s all about the ability to grasp the attention of listeners with creative new sounds and by getting your name out there.
A prime example of this phenomenon is the 21-year-old breakout producer from Leicester, Britain who goes by the name Gemini (Thomas Slinger). Slinger is an incredibly talented artist who has found his niche in his respective genre by releasing a slew of consistently impressive releases with a desire to continually change up his style and always create something new. He is a hard working producer who has been going real hard in the paint these last few years, while constantly improving and honing in on his sonic signature since he dropped the monumental Blue EP in 2011. Gemini has since released the groundbreaking synth heavy Graduation EP, an earthquake of acollaboration with Feed Me, and of course serotonin heightening remixes of artists like Ed Sheeran, Lana Del Ray, and Fenech-Soler.
On his latest burst of energy, the Fire Inside EP released via Inspected, we see Slinger putting on his Batman cape and bursting off with his new sounds into the night sky to save the world.
The EP opens up with the title track, which is a synth pounding electro house cut that features a whirlwind of original vocals from Greta Svabo Bech, which together combine to create a dance floor worthy track that will have any crowd going mad. Ample wobbles and slowed down piano sections make this track even more intriguing when the bass kicks back in with a fiery roar.
“No Way Out,” is a pulsing tornado of a song that features immersive, nostalgic synths and the sentimental vocals of Slinger himself as heard on many of his previous tracks like “Blue” and “Graduation”
“To The World,” is a much heavier and crunchy dubstep cut that posseses passionate vocal samples, face melting capabilities, and just like sample states before the drop, “This one is serious.”
“Nothingness,” is a chilled out piano anthem that shows Slinger’s true musical talents and his ability to create something beautiful and entrancing. Close your eyes, lay your head back, and let the music take you away.
Fire Inside is nothing short of impressive; a release from a young producer who has shown his continuous improvement and progression on every track he has put out. Play the EP from start to finish and notice the many different sides of the musical face Gemini shows on this release.