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Favorite ThisGem & Jam Preview - Tuscon, AZ Feb 7-9

Published: February 6, 2013
By: Jake Krzeczowski

It may still be icy and frigid in most parts of the US, but festival season is just getting warmed up.

The seventh annual Gem & Jam festival in Tucson, AZ February 7-9 features a bevy of talent, with headliners Michal Menert and NiT GriT topping a packed roster of up and coming EDM acts such as Kaminanda, Russ Liquid, and HeRobust, among others.

Gem & Jam

The musical talent serves as a background drop for the enormous annual gem show, and the electronic offerings are complemented by three-days of talks and painting from world-renowned philosopher and artist Alex Grey.

The music runs daily from 5 pm to 2 am at 1102 W. Grant
and fans have the option of single-day or three-day passes, still available here:

Gem & Jam

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