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Favorite ThisGater reinvents livetronica with Neoterik EP out on Gravitas August 18

Published: August 14, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

I'm going to get the lobster jokes out of the way, because it's a reductionist approach to talking about a band from Maine. Yeah, the Portland (the other Portland) scene isn't exactly exploding right now, but there's definitely something brewing. Livetronica trio Gater has put in the time and effort, and now the outfit's output has garnered it some major attention.

We trust Gravitas Recordings because of its work with CloZee, Psymbionic, and Krooked Drivers. The Texas-based label is popping its livetronica cherry for a reason--because they trust Gater. The band's sound is different, and I can't quite illustrate it in words. Beyond tight production techniques, and a complete lack of noodly instrumental work (which plagues much of jamtronica), there is a cohesion and an aesthetic through line that ties Neoterik, the band's 4-track EP, together. "Kapha" is the standout track, because of its adherence to not only great bass production work, but there's some really cool funk and interplay in there, as  well.

The band is coming up off a high-profile set at FARM Fest, and in early September makes an appearance at Great North in the combo's home state. We're expecting big things from these guys.

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