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Favorite ThisGanja White Night drops 'Wobble Master' VIP on GRiZ's All Good label

Published: October 7, 2016

By: Chris Conte

Ganja White NightGanja White Night is constantly proving to be Europe's true masters of the wobble. The VIP of their appropriately named "Wobble Master" takes an already destructively heavy tune and adds even more flare to it. This duo hailing from Belgium have been on top of the bass game for some time. This past year they released a full length album entitled Mr. Wobble, then took the US by storm with a rare coast-to-coast tour.

They are currently producing is some of the most dynamic, fresh sounding tunes we've heard in long time. The "Wobble Master VIP" is stacked with vigorous unrelenting energy. The intimidating whomps accompanied by the grittiness of the bass will surely cause a ruckus live. The craziest thing about this track might be that it comes to us from GRiZ's All Good Records as part of their new Freshly Baked series.

In our opinion, they don't play nearly enough shows over here. If you are lucky enough to catch them live you'll walk out of there knowing who the real masters of the wobble are.

Tags: Drum and BassDubstep